Time Travel ?

Time travel, sounds great right it was a fantastic and outstanding topic from all. We humans always want new things to discover and enjoy those. Why humans always curious about the time travel and what they want to achieve from that, let us dive into some interesting reasons and these reasons may vary from person to person.

  • To stop/change some unwanted things that happened in the past.
  • To make every individual very happy and blissful.
  • To enjoy the beauty of nature in a different era.
  • To make earth as heaven

These were some interesting things which are in my brain that i want to achieve it through time travel, if time travel can’t possible i have to find another way to do so. Please do comment the things which you are going to do if time travels exists.


Now let us examine the reality about Time Travel. We will consider some facts/points which were shared by the great scientists.

Sir Albert Einstein Theory about time travel

Albert Einstein’s theory of time travel (this information found through some source in internet, it may right or wrong but anyhow our investigation should start with some information). Sir Einstein said that time slows down or speeds up depending on how fast we move relative to the observer, Basing on Einstein theory GPS Satellite clocks were corrected by 38 microseconds per day that means the more speed we move in space the more time we can skip, if we could able to achieve light speed the time seems to be paused with respect to the observer who is moving with speed of light. I tried to find out what exactly is happening there but no information was available in the internet about explaining the Einstein Time travel(Relativity) theory in depth, lot of doubts were striking me about that how the clock on GPS Satellite is moving faster than the clocks on earth ? why time will be paused if we move with light speed ? and so on.

The only way to get the correct solution is to ask the right questions. Basing on this we start our investigation about time travel.

Our Investigation starts by understanding the following points.

  • What is light ?
  • Speed of light ?
  • How human see objects with the help of light?
  • Time travel experiment.


Light is a Electromagnetic radiation which falls under visible spectrum range. Light travels through space in the form of Photons (Energy Packets corresponds to Visible spectrum). Its frequency bandwidth is 400 THz- 800 THz and its wave lengths ranges from 375 nm – 750 nm. simply to say light is the basic source of our vision without light we can not see anything that is why it is called visible spectrum. In upcoming blogs we will explain in depth about Electromagnetic spectrums and wavelengths etc.,

White light is one form of energy that we are receiving from the sun and it consists of many frequencies those frequencies produces number of colors mostly Violet, Indigo, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange & Red (VIBGYOR). We are very familiar with the rainbow right, it was caused by dispersion, reflection & refraction of sun light with water droplets during a rainy day.

One more example for white light dispersion is prism experiment. When white light passes through glass prism it will disperse the light into 7 different colors those are Violet, Indigo, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange & Red (VIBGYOR).

With the above facts & experiments we can conclude that white light/ Sun light which we can detect through our eyes is nothing but a mixture of several colors mainly VIBGYOR. Technically white light means mixture of photons with all frequencies in visible spectrum.

Speed of Light

Speed of light in vacuum is 3 x 108 meters/ second. That means photons can travel at a speed of 300000000 meters per second in free space. To get more knowledge about speed of light we will consider the Sun rays and the distance they are going to travel to reach the earth.

The sun rays consists of white light (Photons) has to travel a distance of 150,270,000,000 meters approximately to reach the earth with a speed of 300,000,000 meters per second. That means sun rays will take 500 seconds approximately to reach the earth surface. That means we are observing the delayed image of sun rather than the actual.

Here is the calculation.

In the same manner light has to travel through several mediums to reach he observers.

How human see objects with the help of light

Human eye is great apparatus which collects the light (photon beam) fallen on retina and converts into a beautiful continuous images and feed them to a particular part in the brain. The brain analyses/processes those images in 3 dimensional space and act accordingly.

Here is one small real time example about how our visual sensors exactly work. Let us consider an observer entering into a dark room where a cat was taking rest, He switched on LED(Light source) in that room and then he saw the cat and ran out of the room. Here we will analyze how the human eye worked perfectly. When the LED light was switched on, it emits white light consisting of photons with complete visible spectrum frequencies, when the light/ Photons emitted by LED touches the cat, the lot of emitted photons were absorbed and only the Orange frequency (around 500 THz) photons are reflected back towards the observer, these orange colored photons reaches the observer eyes and the brain do its job by sensing there was a cat in the room.

This is applicable to all that are existing in nature, green leaves absorb all the frequencies from white light except green color frequency that is the reason they look in green color. Black color things are the only things which can absorb all the frequencies in light.

Time travel Experiment

We understood light, light speed and it’s properties, Finally we are going to find out that how we can do time travel with the help of available information. Let us conduct a small hypothetical experiment with some approximations.

This Experiment is for understanding purpose only. There was a planet called Sankara which is at a distance of 10 Light years from Earth. That means it will take 10 years to reach that planet if we travel at a speed of light. The planet Sankara we are watching from earth is 10 years younger than the actual, since the current planet Sankara visuals will take 10 years to reach the earth. In our experiment we are going to travel to the Planet Sankara at a speed of light i.e., 3 x 108 meters/ second and we will return back to the earth with the light speed and we will find out whether time travel is possible or not.

To travel through space at a speed of light we need a most powerful and advanced Spacecraft which can full fill all our conditions like most safest, moves at a speed of light, it has the ability to accommodate for food and water for 20 years of voyage. I have constructed one for that purpose, please don’t mind for its aerodynamics. It was named as ‘ Nandi ‘ the light speed spacecraft. I have created one powerful telescope which can zoom into 100 light years easily, this is to watch Earth, planet Sankara & Space during my voyage.

Now i have the Spacecraft and telescope which are essential for my long voyage. its 1st January 2020 the start date of my voyage, My age was 30 by that time. I have taken one photo on that day to keep it as a memory.

Now the Spacecraft was about to launch with the help of rocket boosters, all my friends, family and colleagues are watching the launching of Nandi by waving their hands at my cabin. Spacecraft was launched successful and the voyage was started, was feeling like i was moving very fast and after 10 hours Nandi crossed the solar system completely. Then I took my telescope and adjusted the zoom to see what is happening on earth and found that everything was paused like all my friends, family etc., are just standing still there without any movement, this is due to that we are travelling at a speed of light that means we are not getting any new photons from earth anymore since the only photons which were reflected at the time of spacecraft launch those are only chasing us. That means we are travelling parallelly with the same photons which were reflected from earth at the time of launch.

One year of my voyage towards Sankara was completed. i took my telescope and watched the earth again the same scenario that everything was paused, no one is moving standing still there by raising their hands, calendar also stuck at Jan 1st 2020, but this time i decided to watch planet Sankara. I found that planet Sankara is revolving and moving twice the rate of its normal revolutions, actions on that planet are happening at twice the rate of their normal rates. This is due to that I’m receiving the reflected photons from the planet twice as the rate of normal, since I’m travelling towards Sankara at a speed of light.

After 5 years of voyage towards Sankara, the same visual from the Earth everything is paused and same visuals from Sankara and I’m aging at a normal rate, i have celebrated my 35th year birthday. but calendar on Earth was stuck at 1st Jan 2020.

Finally i reached the planet Sankara after 10 years of voyage. Calendar in my cabin showing 1st Jan 2030 and I’m 40 years old. I started my return journey towards Earth quickly without wasting any time, then i started to receive the new photons which were reflected from the Earth, since my direction is towards the Earth now.

After completing one year in my return journey, I took my telescope to observe the Earth and planet Sankara. Since we are moving at a speed of light towards the Earth the time on Earth was seems to be moving twice the speed of normal, I observed the calendar on earth it was showing 1st Jan 2022, the calendar in my cabin showing 1st Jan 2031. Then i turned my telescope towards Planet Sankara and found that the time on planet Sankara was paused, since we are moving away from Sankara at a speed of light, the photons reflected from Sankara are not reaching us to show the new frames of Planet Sankara.

Finally i completed my return journey of 10 years through space to reach the earth. I landed safely on the landing area. I found the calendar in my cabin showing 1st Jan 2040 and the calendar on earth also showing the same, I was grown 20 Years old like the same way my friends and family does.


Basing on our hypothetical experiment Time Travel is not possible even if we travel at a speed of light.

Thank you very much for your precious time. If u have any doubts please do comment.

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